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Learn How To Create Your Minecraft Server For Free

Minecraft is a very famous sandbox game. There are currently a lot of public Minecraft servers listed on the internet which you can instantly connect to and play. Most of these public servers have a lot of members. If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast like myself, you must be interested in getting your personal server for your friends and colleagues. Owning your own server has a lot of benefits. It gives you full control and the ability to configure and customize Minecraft very easily.

Setting up a Minecraft server from scratch is definitely not for beginners. It requires a great deal of knowledge in networking. So, if you’re planning to start your own Minecraft server on your own VPS server or your home computer, you may need to learn some basic stuff in order to get Minecraft to start working. This can be a really frustrating task and most people simply give up because there is very little beginner-friendly tutorials out there that teach you the basics in layman terms. 

Don’t worry though. Fortunately, a lot of server hosting companies allow the installation of Minecraft and provide automatic setup for Minecraft. You’ll be able right away after you purchase a Minecraft server from them. So, if you’re a beginner, you don’t need to give yourself a hard time by trying to understand basic server concepts and processes. 

The problem is that you need to pay these companies monthly costs. Paying for Minecraft servers can be a huge financial burden. Monthly costs can be very expensive in the long term. And if you’re opting for a low-end server for less cost, server performance issues and major downtime can occur very often. If you want to become a server admin of your Minecraft server, it is important to have a stable server. This will make your job a lot of easier.

Fortunately, you can grab your own free server at the Minecraft Server For Free Website. At first, you may think this is too good to be true because these servers are very expensive and no one would give them away for free. Actually, these servers are paid by sponsors and have premium features. These sponsors are generous enough to give away Minecraft server to those who want to opt for their own personal server. It has all the features and benefits you would get if you purchased your own server. 

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How To Make Your Minecraft Server Faster

One of the most important aspects of computer servers is performance. Servers handle a lot of requests and this burden increases as more inbound traffic goes to your website. In a Minecraft server, there isn’t much difference in how requests can affect overall performance. If you’re a server admin yourself, you know that your task is to keep the server going and to manage any problems whenever they take place or before they take place. You may not have already gone through performance issues in the past and aren’t worrying about it. But it is inevitable and may be coming to you in the future. Minecraft is a memory hog when it comes handling a lot of players. So, if you’re Minecraft community is expanding in players, you may want to prevent lags from happening as they can be very irritating and will ruin gameplay experience for your players. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid server lag and performance issues in a Minecraft server. In this article, I will provide you with the right knowledge on how to maintain good performance in your Minecraft server. As a server admin, it’s essential that you know all these.

Update your Minecraft

Every Minecraft update comes with a little performance boost aside from new features and additions. It’s a good habit to make sure that your server is running on the latest Minecraft version. This ensures the best possible performance and will avoid gameplay lags. Newer Minecraft versions tend to be more efficient in handling memory than older releases. In addition, updating will ensure that you are less bug-prone. Newer versions always come with bug fixes and improvements.

Upgrade your Server Software

Some Minecraft server admin tend to ignore the fact that their server is running on obsolete software. In order to keep your server running seamlessly, it is important to constantly update it whenever necessary. This ensures that you’re running on the best possible version. Many benchmarks prove this an effective method for improving server performance. To know if your Minecraft server runs on obsolete software, simply check for the latest version of the software it’s running on. As soon as you realize that there is a newer release, it shouldn’t be hard to install an update.

Increase your Server RAM

Increasing your server RAM or memory ensures that your server will not be stressed when there are a lot of players connected to your server. As more players join your servers, it is important to know when to upgrade your RAM. Otherwise, you will soon realize performance issues as your server will have trouble handling all the requests simultaneously.

Get a Dedicated IP

Server hosting companies block incoming traffic from server IP addresses when they are attacked. If your server runs in the same IP address as another service, your server is likely to be affected by any disruption of service caused by the attack. Getting a dedicated IP will ensure that you will give you peace of mind in the long run. So, there you are. These tips can come very handy in server management. As a server admin, you should always keep an eye on what’s lacking in terms of resources as to avoid future problems as those mentioned in this article. It can be a huge burden to solve these problems when they occur. So it’s best to avoid them first. If you're looking for a decent server solution, take a look at Minecraft Server For Free to grab your own server at no cost.

Is Minecraft really that fun?

Minecraft is a sandbox game. It was first developed by Markus Persson and was launched in 2011. Current releases support many gaming platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and the Google Android. It has gained a lot of popularity since its first release. It’s currently the most downloaded paid app in the Android app store. But it’s more popularly known in the PC world. A sandbox game is synonymous with a free-roaming game. In a sandbox type of game, you are free to roam around and build anything you want. There are minimal limitations set in Minecraft, giving you a lot of freedom. This is the beauty of Minecraft as you can build constructions using these small building blocks made of various materials. Many people enjoy it because they find it fun and the virtual world makes it very adventurous.

In addition, Minecraft can be played in Multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with your friends or anyone in the world. If you want to play multiplayer in Minecraft, you have to have a Minecraft server, it’s either you join one or create one on your own. Technically, it takes a lot of time and technical knowledge to setup a Minecraft server from scratch. The process can be tedious for beginners. But most of the time these days, people rely on server hosting companies that setup Minecraft on virtual private servers as part of the service.

There are many modes you can play in Minecraft. The following are very common modes: Survival Mode, Adventure Mode, Hardcore Mode and Creative Mode. Each mode presents different game strategies. If you want to build constructions and buildings in Minecraft, Creative Mode is for you as it allows you to have unlimited resources, giving you the ultimate freedom. If you want to go on with an adventure in Minecraft, Adventure mode gives you a fun adventure in any virtual world you pick. If you want some good challenge, surviving in Minecraft can be tough, it takes you to accumulate as much resources as you need and you need to sustain your health, this can become a fun experience in Minecraft, so if you’re into survival, you will really enjoy Survival mode.

Minecraft really brings out the creativity in players and allow them to have a lot of fun. If you like this type of adventure or strategy, you should try Minecraft. It has become very famous ever since its very first launch. To get started with your Minecraft adventure, you only need to sign up at their website and download the official Minecraft client. Once you’ve downloaded the Minecraft client, you can start playing Minecraft in solo mode. If you want to extend the fun by playing with other people like your friends, family, and colleagues, you can either join an existing Minecraft server or you can opt to get your own Minecraft server.

There are many server hosting companies that allow Minecraft. Moreover, you can also get a free Minecraft server with premium features. Free Minecraft Server Hosting offers just that, it gives you 1024mb of RAM and 50 players slot, just enough to start off with a Minecraft community of your own.